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Nicole Becic


Nicole Becic is a Canadian born, Croatian raised pop and gospel singer and producer. She is known for her angelic and alluring voice among the Croatian community. Her musical beginning started in Kindergarten where she learned to read and write her first notes. Most of her educational development involved music - both in theory and practical reaching - all the way up to the University level.  Graduating at the University of Toronto in her Bachelors of Music program, Nicole started venturing outside the conventional classical musical curriculum, and began experimenting in Pop music. 

Growing up with professional music training as daily life, Nicole began performing on the piano and in choirs at the age of 8. Although classical music was her first introduction to performing, Nicole had always wanted to know what else was out there. Prior to finishing her final year at the university, Nicole embarked on an audacious project - to record and produce a professional studio album on her own.  The project was conceptualized by her and the Reverend of the Parish where she sings and plays - all over a cup of coffee.

Her recent body of work highlights her interest in producing Pop music in a traditional and refreshing format. Her soothing ballads and classical undertones will leave you with a feeling of tranquility and devotion. Listen to Nicole's newest record Tvoja za Sva Vremena, available in physical and digital download.




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